GET PAID -Create 5 New Income streams from the knowledge and abilities You Possess Today 

Hosted by Shane Ram, Business and LIfe Coach, MSc Strategic Thinking, MSc eBusiness.


Learn Why

It is critical that You should Get Paid for following your purpose and using your knowledge and unique abilities.

Learn How To

Turn your  unique abilities and knowledge into multiple income streams and why NOW is the best time to do it.

Learn How To

Test if there is a market need for your purpose, higher calling, unique abilities and knowledge. Income possibilities.

Don't You Have At Least 7 Years Experience?

We will show YOU how YOU can add 5 Income Streams From That Experience.

Do you feel like You are not being paid what you are worth?

Are YOU stuck in the hierarchy and can only move up if your boss dies or leaves?

How long are YOU prepared to wait for this to happen or Get Paid what you are really worth?

If YOU are ready to take action NOW to get Paid what you are worth and protect your future then you need to look at this free online training.

We will show you the precise ways in which you can create multiple streams of income.

We will prove to you that there are people who value Your purpose, unique experiences and knowledge and pay for it so that you can replace your income.

The most successful people in the world simply use ALL their experiences, knowledge and desires and turn it into a profitable business.

The world needs YOU Now. The world needs more people who come alive with their work in the service of other people.

Facilitator - SHANE RAM

Shane Ram is the CEO of STEP HR Consulting, Founder of Scientific Happiness, Property Investor, Founder of Don’t Settle for 7- Go For 10, executive coach, author and a global keynote speaker.

Shane holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Thinking and a Masters Degree in eBusiness. Shane has been able to successfully transition from the Corporate World to Entrepreneurship, TWICE!

Shane headed a corporate university and spent almost 20 years in training and development.

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