Don't Settle for 7, Go For 10!

You are meant to create a greater impact in the world, live a life of freedom and operate from a higher consciousness....we help you get there!

Why we exist?

Go For 10 was formed after the realisation that many professionals and entrepreneurs are playing at a level way below their potential and are settling for less than they deserve.

Do you KNOW that there is more to the life you are currently living? Don't you feel like you can BE More, Do More and Have More? 

It's Not your fault? Our education systems just do not provide the training and education required for us to get to our maximum potential. 

So many are successful in their business or career and lead very good lives but they are only at Level 7. We say Don't Settle for 7, Go For 10.

We at Go For 10 believe that everyone has something that lights them up and make them come alive and that can make a real difference in the world. We help people make a greater impact with their business and build it in such a way that it will continue to impact people for generations by building a legacy brand, product or service. We help people to tap into their intuition so they bring higher consciousness into their business and life.

We believe that the true happiness and fulfilment comes at the intersection of our higher calling and creating a positive impact in the world. It is possible in today's world to turn this higher calling, purpose or unique gifts into a profitable Buisness. 

As a matter of fact, the future of business success depends on authenticity. 

We help already successful professionals and entrepreneurs take their business and personal life not just to the next level but Level 10!







Our Beliefs & Identity

Don't Settle for 7, Go For 10!  


Everyone has a special calling to share with the world.

You can build a profitable business that impacts the world around your calling.

Our clients happiness is most important to us.

We are honest, caring and we never let our clients settle for less than they deserve.


Our Identity

  • We Challenge EVERYTHING, not everyone.
  • We speak our Truth
  • We Dream
  • We Make an Impact
  • We Create a Legacy
  • We awaken our stakeholders to ALL of who they are including their higher consciousness.


Go For 10 Founder

Shane Ram is an entrepreneur, business and life coach, human resources consultant, trainer, author, property investor and global keynote speaker.

He holds a Masters degree in Strategic Thinking and a Masters in eBusiness.

He has worked with thousands of people from over 70 countries.

Shane has traveled extensively training and speaking and has shared the stage with people like Sharon Lechter, Bob Burg and Malcolm Gladwell.

He has trained and consulted in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Africa, Indonesia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Impact the World! 

The more people you Impact at a deeper level, the more successful your business will be and the more fulfilled you will be.

Programs Include:

  • Find Your Purpose & Impact the World
  • Vibrational Influence
  • Creating greater Impact with your Business.
  • Speaking For Impact
  • Presentation Skills for Impact
  • Writing For Impact

Leave a Legacy!

Create a brand, product or service that serves humanity long after you are gone. Create generational wealth.

Programs Include:

  • How to Create Residual Income in Your Business.
  • Business Strategy for Long Term Business Success
  • Commercialise and Digitise Your Idea into a Legacy Brand, Product or Service.

Higher Consciousness

Develop intuition to create better solutions and get to Self Actualisation. The epitome of life and business.

Programs Include:

  • Using Intuition to Solve Business Problems
  • Mindfullness for Entrepreneurs
  • Mindfullness for Executives

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