Emotional Intelligence for Teens Workshop

The ONLY Program that teaches your teens about managing difficult emotions and stress, being more assertive, happier and balancing behaviors.

Emotional Intelligence is highly important in a teen’s development.

There is considerable evidence pointing to its positive role in helping students deal with stress, develop relationships, and handle the transitions facing them.

Just as it's important for adults, the concepts of social and emotional functioning play a key role in adolescents and teenagers. Emotional Intelligence in teens covers their ability to use emotions effectively and productively in an adaptive way (Sekhri, 2017).

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or a student yourself, you’ve probably become well aware of how it’s been popping up everywhere recently, in lessons, curricula, and even exams.

Yes, Emotional Intelligence and be taught and learned.

Utilising the latest research on Emotional Intelligence for teens and students we have created this practical and effective workshop.

Emotional Intelligence is built over time with scientifically designed exercises and this is why this workshop is done over 4 weeks with daily exercises.

At The End of The Workshop, Your Teens Will


Identify and Manage their difficult emotions. Improve self awareness and manage stress and transitions effectively.


Choose appropriate behaviours and assess situations and other people more accurately.


Confidence, Assertiveness, Self leadership, Leadership, Resilience and Communication Skills

Workshop Dates, Times and Costs (2022)

 This ONLINE  workshop is 4 weeks long, 1 day per week.

Oct 18 & 25, Nov 1 & 8:  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

Workbook with Daily Exercises for the month

Location: Online

US$ 99  OR  TT$ 667



At the end of the Workshop, Teens will:

    • Interpret and manage their emotions in any situation
    • Master tools to regulate and gain control of their own emotions
    • Understand Emotional Hijack
    • Apply techniques to Reframe how they view events 
    • Articulate their emotions using the right verbal and non-verbal language
    • Balance optimism and pessimism for best outcomes
    • Effectively impact others emotional experiences
    • Act with empathy.
    • Integrate emotional intelligence into school, home and social settings.


Experiential, Fun, Practical, Project Based

We create a different environment from regular school so your Teens learn better.


Workshop Facilitator & Go For 10 Founder

Shane Ram is a life coach and emotional intelligence and behaviour expert and trainer. He is a human resources consultant, trainer, author and global keynote speaker.

He holds a Masters degree in Strategic Thinking and a Masters in eBusiness.

He has worked with thousands of people from over 70 countries.

Shane has traveled extensively training and speaking and has shared the stage with people like Sharon Lechter, Bob Burg and Malcolm Gladwell. He has also pitched to Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from Shark Tank.

He has trained and consulted in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Africa, Indonesia, Central America and the Caribbean.

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"It was a very tough time as my parents were going through a divorce while I was in school. It affect my concentration and I was very angry. Coaching with Shane helped me to manage my anger and process the situation with my parents. I was able to refocus and even top my class."




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