What's really keeping us back?

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

You intelligent and a very hard worker.

You have great dreams for yourself and your family.

You know deep inside that you can accomplish more.

So what's really holding you back?

You have tried the good books, seminars, yoga, meditation etc and while these were good experiences (and something you should continue) it really did not hit the spot.

While we need to change our behaviours and actions to get different results, this is only at a surface level.

What do I mean by surface level?

This is the anatomy of transformation:

  • Limiting Behaviours
  • Stories/Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Original Sensitising Event

For example, I was not recognised by my parents (dad more importantly). He never said congrats or well done when this little Shane would have done something that a little kid should be proud off. This is an example of an Original Sensitising Event.

This Original Sensitising event created several BELIEFS:

  • I am not worthy
  • I am not good enough
  • I will never be recognised for what I do
  • etc



These Original Sensitising Events creates Holes in our Souls.

These Beliefs would have created EMOTIONS:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Aloneness
  • Etc

These Emotions would cause me to make up STORIES/THOUGHTS:

  • What will people think?
  • Will they ever recognise my work?
  • Is my work really good enough?
  • Success is for other people.
  • I am not lucky, I have to work extremely hard to get anywhere in life.
  • Etc

These Stories would then cause the LIMITING BEHAVIOURS:

  • Procrastination
  • Playing Small
  • Holding Back
  • Not trusting myself
  • Being a victim
  • Putting on masks
  • Etc

So what's really holding you back? The Hole in Your Soul.

Healing the Hole in Your Soul is the only way to break free and live the life you have been imagining, that you know you can live, that you deserve to live.

There is no more important or sacred work you will ever do in your life than healing the Hole in Your Soul.


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Shane Ram

Shane Ram is an Executive and Life Coach, HR Consultant, author and a sought after global keynote speaker. He is the CEO of STEP HR Consulting, Founder of Scientific Happiness, Property Investor, Founder of Don’t Settle for 7 – Go For 10. Shane works with CEOs, corporations, 6-7 Figure business owners and entrepreneurs to increase revenue, grow their businesses and live more fulfilling lives.

Shane works with CEOs, executives, corporations and entrepreneurs to grow their business and their lives. His strikingly effective coaching process shows individuals and corporate teams how to create the personal lives they want while becoming a megastar at work. To book a time to speak with Shane go to https://meetme.so/shaneram. To book Shane for events and seminars go to www.shaneram.com or www.stepadvisors.net, call 1-868-351-5000 or email at [email protected]

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