Difficult Teenagers & The Best Way To Deal With Them | Shane Ram & Mark Timm

family parenting Jun 05, 2021

Absolutely the BEST explanation as to why teenagers might appear 'difficult' and absolutely the BEST advice on how to deal with them.

Go For 10's CEO and Founder, Shane Ram recently interviewed co-author of Mentor To Millions, Mark Timm and Mark gave some wisdom that can change the way you view your teenagers' behaviours.

Go For 10 - Education For The New Way of Living

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How to Win @ Home? Run your family like you run your business! | Mark Timm and Shane Ram

GOOD NEWS! Did you know that you don't have to sacrifice your family life because of your career/business? Co-author of Mentor To Millions, Mark Timm shares how he was able to WIN @ Home like he won in business and how you can do it to.

Go For 10 - Education For The NEW WAY of Living

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How to Win at Home like you Win at Work | Mark Timm on Go For 10


He has introduced the President of the United States and the First Lady on National TV, headed Marketing for one of the largest newspapers in the US and a successful serial entrepreneur but he was not having as much success at home.

Mark Timm, co-author of Mentor to Millions, explains that not until he ran his family like he ran his businesses did he become the father and husband that he was destined to be.

Get great resources to manage your family @ http://www.marktimm.com

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