How to PREPARE for Success?

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2019

Did you know that Tiger Woods was 2 shot behind at the start of the final day of the 2019 Masters?

Did you know that the leader (Francesco Molinari)  starting the final day won the British Open in 2018 and actually played with Tiger when he won?

Did you also know that there were as many as 12 excellent players in close proximity that could have won the 2019 Masters?

But Sir Nick Faldo (a former champion golfer), said at the start of the final day that the person in the best position to win the tournament was Tiger Woods.

Do you know his rationale for making that statement?

He said that Tiger's nervous system knows how to win because he has done it already.

Most people will not understand this but that was a deeply profound statement.

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey said that one of the habits of successful people is to BEGIN with the END in Mind.

Simple but profound.

It suggests that before we begin in our journey of success we must know what the END FEELS Like. 

Key word FEELS!.

This is why Sir Nick Faldo said that Tiger's Nervous System already knows how to win this tournament.

So how do you Prepare for Success? How do you know what the end feels like before you even begin? Especially if you have never had the success that you aim to have.

3 Simple Ways to Prepare for Success

1) Affirmations - words are very powerful and if you create affirmations based on the goals that you have and you repeat them regularly WITH EMOTIONS, success gets into your nervous system.

2) Visualisation - Tiger Woods and many other top class performers are experts at visualisation. They are able to SEE THE END RESULT in their mind's eye before they actually begin. Vision Boards also help with visualisation. Nastia Liukin, who has own 5 Olympic Medals including GOLD in the women's All-Around, created a vision board and had pictures of the EXACT medals that they were giving out in the 2008 Olympics.

3) Creating the Physical Situation - this may not always be possible but creating the physical situation before the end goal is also powerful. If you want to own a particular car, you can go into the dealership and sit in it, smell the new car scent and even test drive it. You do it often enough, that car will begin to feel normal to your nervous system.

Note - it is also important to eradicate the stuff in your nervous system that are holding you back from your ultimate success. Path to Freedom is a proven 5-Step System to identify and eradicate the blocks that are keeping your back. Get Path to Freedom NOW.

Remember, Don't Settle for 7 - GO FOR 10!

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