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success Jun 05, 2021

What can you learn about #success from someone who has done $5 Billion in #Sales with 20 Businesses which have topped $100 Million in Revenue?

What did our expert guest Mark Timm learn about success from his mentor and co-author of Mentor To Millions Kevin Harrington? Listen carefully!

Mark has introduced the President of the United States and the First Lady on National TV, headed up marketing for one of the largest newspapers in the US and currently serves as the Executive Vice President for Zig Ziglar Incorporated, one of the best known brands in the  Motivation and sales marketplace.

 Shane Ram is a former C-Suite Executive turned strategic advisor and coach to entrepreneurs, CEOs and Senior Executives. Shane's highly effective coaching process quickly identifies and eliminates what's keeping back entrepreneurs and professionals from their growth and ultimate success.
Set up a strategy call with Shane to take your business and life to the next level : 
Mark Timm was a guest on the GoFor10 Show with Shane Ram.

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