What Are Parents Saying About This Program?

"I am a happy to say that my son is elated I enrolled him in this Money and Business Program. On our journey home he said 'Mom I enjoyed today...better than school'. Thank you, awesome job .... and it's only Day 1."

Michelle H.
Mother of Participant

"At first my son was reluctant. However, after the first day he organised his clothes for the next day and the rest of the week. That told me he was excited."

Mother of Participant

"James was so excited after class today and he said he learned so much!"

Nicole C
Mother of Participant

Future-Proof Your Kids!

Give your kids better career choices as well as the critical entrepreneurial and money skills required for a successful future. They will join other teens from around the world in this life changing experience + be trained by internationally successful guest trainers.




Ages (11-17).

In-Person or Virtual CLASS Options 
(English Only)

Call or What's App : 1-868-351-5000

Money and Business for Teens Summer Workshop

The ONLY Summer Camp or Program that teaches your teens about Money and Business!

Success has no age limit! Whether your child dreams of becoming a businessman or a ballerina, understanding entrepreneurship and how business works is essential to future success. Studies show that learning about entrepreneurship at an early age not only instills a sense of self-confidence in youth, but prepares them for the future, and teaches them the value of money--including the importance of saving, planning and budgeting.


That's why Go For 10 launched the Money and Business Camp for Teens.  It is  a unique camp experience for both boys & girls, and it is designed to empower, educate and train up the next generation of entrepreneurs. Youth are introduced to the world of entrepreneurship with daily age-appropriate activities and more. At the end of the camp, all campers get to participate in a pitch competition to win a $15,000 Coaching Program. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Campers will also:

  • Participate in hands-on activities that will teach them how to follow their passion.
  • Write a business plan.
  • Complete a business budget.
  • Market their products & services.

Camp Dates, Locations, Costs

This year we have two in-person camps and one ONLINE camp. Choose the one that best suits you.

July 17- 21: Port of Spain, Trinidad

TT $1,297

8:30 am to 2:30 pm

TT Chamber of Industry & Commerce Building, West Moorings, Trinidad.

AUGUST 7 - 11: San Fernando, Trinidad

TT $1,297

8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Naparima Boys College,
San Fernando, Trinidad

August 14 - 18: Global Online/Virtual

TT$897 or US $138

7:00pm to 9:30pm AST (6pm EST)

Participate from
anywhere in the world.


Call or What's App : 1-868-351-5000

At The End of The Camp, Your Teens Will

Learn How To

Earn, Keep and Grow Money. The four ways to earn money and also new ways based on current and future technology trends.

Learn How To

Identify Profitable Business Opportunities and Build a Business Plan with all the Critical Elements for Success.


Discipline, Leadership, Tenacity, Innovation, Success Mindset, Networking Skills, Presentation Skills etc

At the end of the Camp, Teens will:

  • Understand Money and how to Earn, Save and Invest It
  • Understand the Future of Money
  • Understand the New Ways to Earn Money
  • Know the critical elements to build a business
  • Identify a business idea and work through the process of building the business plan.
  • Learn about the latest technologies (AI, Blockchain etc) and how it impacts their career and business choices.
  • Develop discipline, tenacity, curiosity and right entrepreneurial mindset.

General Curriculum

  • Entrepreneur Success Skills
    • Winning Attitude
    • Overcome Procrastination
    • Overcome Fear of Failure
    • Persistance
    • Sacrifice
    • Networking
    • Personal Branding
    • Communication Skills
    • Goal Setting

  • Money - Earn and Grow Money
    • Job
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business
    • Investments - Stocks, Real Estate, Bonds, Funds etc.
    • What is Money? Medium of Exchange, Store of Value
    • History of Money
    • 4 Ways to Earn Money
    • Future of Money - Digital Currency etc
    • New Investment Opportunities that few people know about.
  • Building a Business
    • How to spot Business Opportunities.
    • Current and Future Business Opportunities
    • Critical Elements of a successful Business
    • Steps to Building a Successful Business
    • Financing for Business
    • Entrepreneurship Mindset
    • Innovation Mindset

Experiential, Fun, Practical, Project Based

We create a different environment from regular school so your Teens learn better.


Chief Camp Facilitator & Go For 10 Founder

Shane Ram is an entrepreneur, business and life coach, human resources consultant, trainer, author, property investor and global keynote speaker.

He holds a Masters degree in Strategic Thinking and a Masters in eBusiness.

He has worked with thousands of people from over 70 countries.

Shane has traveled extensively training and speaking and has shared the stage with people like Sharon Lechter, Bob Burg and Malcolm Gladwell. He has also pitched to Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from Shark Tank.

He has trained and consulted in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Africa, Indonesia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Learn More About Shane

International Guest Facilitators

A unique feature of our camp is that we have globally recognised experts in business, sales, personal development and finance train your kids. Our previous International Guest Trainers include:

Tegan Helen


Tegan has 5 books on Amazon and she is only 11.

One of her books has been endorsed by Grant Cardone and she has been a special guest of top coach, Tony Robbins.

Tegan wowed the kids who participated in the 2020 Virtual Camp and we look forward to having her again!

Dato James Foo

For close to 20 years, he has run over 78 Businesses of which 5 are Multi-Million Dollar Businesses before he was 40 years old. Consulted to and advised over 10 leading corporations to SME. Published 2 books and have been invited to speak at numerous events.  

To date managed to close 90+ deals globally . His biggest deal was USD600 Million. He holds directorships in 23 companies, 3 countries across 13 industries.

Camilita Nuttall

Camilita is a ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Radio Show Host at The Camilita® Podcast, an ‘Award-Winning’ Corporate Sales TrainerBusiness & Wealth CoachBusiness Growth StrategistAuthor and Property Investor.

Camilita is featured in Forbes on How to Use Events, Social Media and Key Note Speaking to Increase Your PR & Profits Globally, has graced the USA and European covers of Celebrate Business Magazine, appeared on BBC Business NewsSKY TVB2B News Network and is mentioned in the New York Times Bestseller Think & Grow Rich for Women.

Te'Lario Watkins

Te'Lario has been on the Steve Harvey Show and visited the White House where he met house speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump.

He has been an entrepreneur since he was 8 when he founded Tiger Mushrooms. He started of farming mushrooms in his parents' basement and spare room and now has products in several supermarkets.

Adrian Havelock

Adrian is a Master Sales Trainer, Best-Selling Author and Quilly award recipient. He is also listed in the National Academy of best selling Authors (Hollywood LA.)

Having over a decade of sales experience and dealing with varying personalities, his sales process delivers optimum exposure to the possible responses you can get based on any sales situation.

Adrian is also a sought after speaker and delivers his sales workshops in various industries from retail, fast food restaurants, oil and gas, energy, digital and print media, labels and packaging, food and beverage manufacturing, finance and automotive.

"I am a business student of St. Benedict's College. Being a business student, this money and entrepreneurship camp was suggested by my mother as a way to gain practical insight and knowledge of effectively using money and running a successful business. I learnt how to prioritise my vision by setting goals, budgeting, investing, different investment opportunities such as real estate, stocks, etc, production, believing in my product and branding. As I went forward I learnt how essential it is to implement a positive mindset to help me to be creative, to read more to gain knowledge and the importance of deadlines. I suggest to any of my peers that they ask their parents to allow them the opportunity afforded to me by my parents because it was a great experience."

Jaron Butler

"If I had to describe this camp in one word, it would be ‘enlightening’. Considering that I’ve been studying business since Form 4 and I’m now in Upper 6, I was unsure about if I’d be learning things which I didn’t already know. Now, after the camp is finished, I can undoubtedly say I learnt new concepts and ideas everyday. Things that connected the theory I studied in school to real life business situations. It was a plus that Mr. Ram is very experienced in the corporate world and also introduced us to other very successful people in business. In addition, the activities which we had to complete as teams were incredibly enjoyable and strengthened the bond of the entire class. I’m incredibly grateful for the knowledge imparted on us."

Nikeisha Deonarine
Student - Naparima Girls High School




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