Obstacle #1 to starting your business

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2018

Have YOU ever wanted to start YOUR own business but confused about what exactly to do?

Have YOU tried to get advice but was not comfortable enough with the advice to actually start?

Have YOU been told to try an online business, network marketing, buy and sell products, social media marketing, coaching, consulting but none of these really resonate with you?

There can be a lot of confusion about what business to actually pursue and if you will succeed.

There are so many business options available today that can be extremely profitable so that choosing a business that has a high probability of success should not be a major concern. People are having success in all types of businesses.

We at Go For 10 ultimately believe that what ever business you choose, you should be happy and it should bring you fulfilment. The 10 Life is where you are doing what you love, you are enjoying it while making a positive impact to people's lives and you are earning great income to buy the experiences...

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How to Never Get FIRED!

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2018

Do you want to ensure that you never get fired?

Do you want to ensure that your income never stops if you happen to be laid off?

Imagine a life where you can always take care of your family regardless of whatever someone else (like your boss or company, chairman, prime minister, president) decides about your career.

Make a list of all the reasons that you would want to ensure that you never lose income.

 Regardless of the level you are in an organisation, you have the potential to be FIRED.

This is a hard truth but you don't have to be that vulnerable to decisions outside of your control.

I became a C-Suite Executive at the age of 30 and had a really good career in HR and Business. At 38 I decided to leave the corporate world and start my on consulting and then coaching business.

Then one of my very first clients when I started consulting had a very good opportunity and I felt it was a good situation to more effectively utilise what I had learnt in consulting for five years in...

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Beat Your Competition - Use this Skill

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2018

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who want to get the edge on your competition?

Would  you like to be able to create solutions that will always work and your clients will love?

How would you like to develop your 6th sense?

Most people are operating on intellect in business, but Intuition is a higher level of thinking and consciousness.

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it, so moving from intellect to intuition can put you in a better position to solve problems.

Intuition is the new buzz-word in business and everyone from Branson to Buffet are touting its ability to guide and direct them to greater success and higher profits. But the understanding of what Intuition really is and how it can serve us in business and in life is deeply flawed. But it is more important to understand now, than ever before.

The speed at which business transforms and the amount of information we process as entrepreneurs, business...
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Who wins in tough economic times?

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2018

Are you or your company facing tough economic times at the moment?

Do you see other people thriving in the same tough economic times?

What do you think is the difference?

Is it technical skills or Personal Skills?

Did you say Personal Skills? Correct!!!

Technical skills are necessary and will be very useful but the game changer is Personal Skills.

Think about it this way, your technical skills will only thrive in a fertile environment and that fertile internal environment requires personal mastery.

The people who will win in tough economic times are the one who master the following:

  1. People with Resilience - Emotional Mastery. Tough times can really cause stress and make us feel down but it is the ones who are resilient in the face of challenges that will not only survive but thrive during tough times.

  2. People who Innovate - Mind Mastery. Tough times presents challenges but as Einstein said 'you can't solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it' so we need to...
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Who are you anyway? Why authenticity is a myth.

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2018

Authenticity and authentic self are two terms that are heavily used these days.

But who are you when you are being your authentic self?

How do you discover your authentic self?

At what level does your authenticity exist?

Is your authentic self defined based on how you act?

Is your authentic self defined based on how you feel?

Is your authentic self defined based on the stories that you are telling yourself?

Who are you really? What is your authentic self?

That really depends on the identity and beliefs you adopted a very long time ago.

You see, based on the experiences we had as a child we adopted an identity and beliefs about life and who we are? Our traumatic experiences had the most profound impact on who are are today. We would have developed beliefs, identities, stories and behaviours based on these experiences.

Unfortunately, many of those beliefs and behaviours that we adopted were to COPE or SURVIVE and most often do not serve us in our adult life.

To give a simple example,...

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